Stunning View Breakfast

Gazebo Roof Garden is the hotel’s restaurant, while also being its most iconic spot. While in Gazebo you may take the best photos of the Venetian Fortress of Koules and the port, leaving your friends wondering where they were taken. A magnificent 240° view and a sliding glass roof are waiting to be discovered, allowing you to admire the harbour along its entire length, from the fortress of Koule to the anchorage of the ships.

In this area you can savour your daily breakfast during your stay at Marin Hotel. You will have the opportunity to taste fresh, homemade marmalades and homemade cured meat products -suitable for children- prepared by our chef. Additionally, you can taste local PDO cheese and dairy products with labels of origin, made from branded producers, so you will be able to precisely determine their quality. Breakfast is prepared entirely from local and carefully selected local raw materials in order to ensure the quality and taste of the products we provide you with.

Throughout the day, you may taste the exquisite flavours of our menu and sip your coffee or drink, all while enjoying the view. Whether for business lunches, for a romantic evening or for your breakfast, Gazebo’s view and flavours will offer you a unique and pleasing experience.

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chicken / olive oil / salt